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Coach Growth Solutions

The ULTIMATE Growth Solution

An all-in-one CRM Lead Management Software For Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers!

The client attraction, lead tracking, & conversion software

you knew you needed, but it didn't exist...


All-in-One Solution

Coach Growth Solutions is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage your client attraction, lead tracking, and conversion all in one place.

Increased Efficiency

Our software is designed to help you increase your efficiency and productivity, allowing you to focus on what matters most - coaching your clients.

Customer Satisfaction

By using our customer relationship management tools, you can better understand your clients' needs and preferences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.


Enjoy your life

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Your potential

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Finding balance

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Accept change

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Are you tired of using multiple tools to attract clients, track leads, and convert prospects?

Coach Growth Solutions is the all-in-one software that will take your coaching business to the next level.

Our software was designed specifically for coaches like you who need a simple, effective way to grow your business. With Coach Growth Solutions, you can easily attract new clients, track your leads, and convert prospects into paying customers - all from one convenient platform.

Consider the game CHANGED.

With Coach Growth Solutions, you'll have everything you need to build a thriving coaching business.

Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple tools and platforms. Our software seamlessly integrates all the features you need to succeed, including lead generation tools, customer relationship management, and sales tracking.

Streamlined Process

Streamline your business processes and reduce the time and effort needed to manage multiple tools and platforms.

Better Client Management

Easily manage your client interactions and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Automated Lead Generation

Powerful lead generation tools that can automate the process of finding new clients and growing your business.

Advanced Analytics

With our analytics tools, you can gain valuable insights into your business and make data-driven decisions to improve your performance.

Better Time Management

Our software helps you manage your time more effectively by automating tasks and providing tools for scheduling and time tracking.

Customization Options

Coach Growth Solutions offers a high level of customization, allowing you to tailor the software to meet your unique business needs.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our software features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to manage your business and stay on top of your goals.


Coach Growth Solutions can scale with your business, so whether you're just starting out or have an established coaching practice, our software can grow with you.

Coach Growth Solutions

is a comprehensive marketing and business automation platform that offers a variety of features, making it stand out from competitors like ClickFunnels and Kajabi.

Here are some key differences:


All-in-one solution

Coach Growth Solutions combines CRM, marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages, websites, appointment scheduling, and communication tools (email, SMS, and phone) in a single platform. This consolidated approach can save time and money compared to using multiple tools for different tasks.


CRM and sales pipeline

While ClickFunnels primarily focuses on creating sales funnels and Kajabi on creating and selling online courses, Coach Growth Solutions offers a robust CRM and sales pipeline management system that helps businesses manage leads, clients, and sales more efficiently.


Advanced automation

Coach Growth Solutions' automation capabilities go beyond basic email sequences and drip campaigns. It offers more advanced automation features, such as triggers, workflows, and tags, enabling businesses to create sophisticated and personalized client interactions.


Appointment scheduling

Coach Growth Solutions has a built-in appointment scheduler that integrates with popular calendar apps, making it easy for businesses to manage appointments and consultations. This feature is not available in ClickFunnels and is limited in Kajabi.


Agency-focused features

Coach Growth Solutions is designed with marketing agencies in mind, offering features like multi-client management, client onboarding, and reporting. This focus on agencies makes it stand out compared to ClickFunnels and Kajabi, which cater more to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.



Coach Growth Solutions offers a more flexible pricing structure, with multiple plans tailored to different business sizes and needs. This can make it more accessible to businesses with varying budgets compared to ClickFunnels and Kajabi, which have more rigid pricing tiers.

While Coach Growth Solutions has some unique advantages over ClickFunnels and Kajabi, it's important to note that each platform has its strengths and is designed to serve different purposes. Businesses should carefully consider their specific needs and goals when choosing a platform.

By using Coach Growth Solutions

You can gain a competitive advantage in your industry

and stand out from other coaches who are not using a comprehensive software solution.

Are you ready?

Take your business to the next level!


By automating tasks like lead generation and client management, Coach Growth Solutions can help you save time and focus on what you do best - coaching.

Personalized Coaching

Provide a more personalized coaching experience to your clients by leveraging the data and insights provided by the software.

Training and Resources

We provide training and resources to help you get the most out of our software and maximize your results.

Increased Visibility

Our software can help you increase your visibility & reach, allowing you to attract more clients and grow your business faster.

Select any of our pricing plans:





All-in-one Lead Capture - Get leads from Facebook, Instagram, text, and email all in one place.

2 Way text and email conversation - Experience streamlined communication and increased productivity with Coach Growth Solutions' 2-way text and email conversation feature - allowing you to effortlessly connect with your clients in one platform.

GMB Messaging - Communicate directly with your customers through "Google My Business' GMB Messaging and increase your response rates and customer satisfaction.

Web Chat - Provide instant support and boost customer satisfaction with our web chat feature.

Reputation Management - Protect your brand's image and attract more customers, allowing you to easily monitor and manage your online reputation.

Facebook Messenger & Instagram DM Integration - Streamline your customer communication and increase efficiency with our integrated Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM feature - all within one platform.

GMB Call tracking - Allows you to easily track the source of phone calls from your Google My Business listing, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts and increase conversions.

Missed Call Text Back - Never miss a lead again with our 'Missed Call Text Back' feature included in our Saas package, allowing you to instantly follow up with potential customers who tried to reach you.

Text to Pay - Streamline your customer's payment experience with Text-to-Pay, and get paid faster and more efficiently.

*Opportunities - Allows you to identify and prioritize potential sales deals, track progress, and ultimately close more deals. This helps businesses focus on the most promising opportunities and improve their overall sales performance.

*Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - A system, that helps you manage your coaching business more effectively by organizing and streamlining your interactions with clients. It allows you to store client information, track their progress, and schedule appointments, all in one centralized location. This can help you save time, improve client relationships, and ultimately grow your business.

Live Support 24 hours - 7 days a week





*Everything in Standard +

Email Marketing - Unlock growth with email marketing! Seamlessly integrated, our CRM empowers targeted, personalized campaigns, driving higher engagement and ROI. Elevate your business effortlessly.

Calendar and Scheduling System - effortlessly streamline your scheduling process with our integrated calendar, saving time and money by eliminating the need for separate appointment software. Enhance your CRM experience while enjoying seamless organization and client management in a single, powerful platform.

SMS & Email Templates - Effortlessly save time and boost client engagement with customizable SMS & Email templates, designed to drive growth through improved retention and referrals.

Invoicing - A game-changer for businesses, providing an easy-to-use and efficient tool to streamline the invoicing process, improve cash flow, and gain valuable financial insights.

Live Support 24 hours - 7 days a week





*Everything in Professional +

Click-To-Call - Ability to call clients from a local number (all done from within Coach Growth Solutions system).

Workflows: - Streamline your sales process with powerful, customizable automations, driving success at every stage of your customer journey

Funnels - Step-by-step processes designed to guide potential customers seamlessly from initial interest to conversion, maximizing leads and increasing sales.

Trigger Capability - Powerful cues that spark action, driving customers to engage, convert, and boost your sales effortlessly.

Trigger Links - Clickable elements on a Coach Growth Solutions sales page that activate specific actions, like showing a pop-up, starting a chat, or redirecting to another page, in order to boost engagement and conversion rates.

Forms - Facilitates customizable data collection tools that help capture leads and gather essential customer information, streamlining your sales process.

Surveys - Quick, effective tools to gather valuable customer insights, boosting your sales and client satisfaction with Go High Level.

Memberships - Allows you to unlock the potential to strengthen customer loyalty, provide exclusive perks to your clients all while generating a stable recurring revenue stream.

Websites - Streamline your costs and eliminate the headache of managing multiple systems by consolidating your entire online presence with us.

All Reporting - Unlock valuable insights with our 'Reporting' feature. It empowers you, as a business owner, to easily access and analyze crucial data, helping you make informed decisions, optimize processes, and drive growth. Stay ahead of the competition with real-time, data-driven decisions.

Live Support 24 hours - 7 days a week


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